Saturday, February 28, 2004

The Song I Wrote With Deb That I Promised To Post
Why Is This Happening To Me
Vocals By Deborah & Jaslyn
Written By Deborah & Jaslyn
Music By Jaslyn
Produced By Deborah

Sitting on a chair in a cafe,
Tiredness ia ll I could think about,
It turns out to be a boring day,
Althought my friends are staring at me now.

Bridge: Feel like singing my heart out,
In the crowd with food and drinks,
I just want to shout it out loud,
And turn my cheeks to pink.

Chorus: Why is this happening to me,
Boredness turns me into toxic,
Why is this happening to me,
This is just to sick,
Don't know why, do you.

Lame as I am,
I don't give a damn,
Looking at the lambs,
I feel like I'm stabbed by a hand.

Bridge: Feel like singing my heart out,
In the crowd with food and drinks,
I just want to shout it out loud,
And turn my cheeks to pink.

Chorus: Why is this happening to me,
Boredness turns me into toxic,
Why is this happening to me,
This is just to sick,
Don't know why, do you.

Hello Deborah says my friend,
Is mile and she asks about my day,
Can't you see it clearly in my face, my friend,
Come a little closer and wait.

Bridge: Feel like singing my heart out,
In the crowd with food and drinks,
I just want to shout it out loud,
And turn my cheeks to pink.

Chorus: Why is this happening to me,
Boredness turns me into toxic,
Why is this happening to me,
This is just to sick,
Don't know why, do you.

Chorus: Why is this happening to me,
Boredness turns me into toxic,
Why is this happening to me,
This is just to sick,
Don't know why, do you.

Bridge: Feel like singing my heart out,
In the crowd with food and drinks,
I just want to shout it out loud,
And turn my cheeks to pink.

Chorus: Why is this happening to me,
Boredness turns me into toxic,
Why is this happening to me,
This is just to sick,
Don't know why, do you.

Why IS This Happening To Me.

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Back & Refreshed
Last Friday, I had the worst day of my life. First, it was good. Alright, here goes my story. I came to college feeling alright. I was walking to class and one of my friends tells me I look blur in the morning. Yeah, it's true I'm blur . Alright, I admit I'm blur in the morning and he asked me if the due date of my IDTP assignment was on that day and I said yeah and Ia sked him back. He told me that he was in PR and he didn't have IDTP. And yes, I was so blur.

Then, I went to LT7. I was still alright. But, nobody was there so I went to the ICT Department to meet up with Deborah. We talked while we wait for her turnt o print out her IDTP assignment. Then, after printing it, we went to MAC Centre to buy the envelope Miss Cheah required her to buy. It all took 1 hour. We were of course late for J1 class and yeah SUPER LATE.

After that, I had lunch. FRIED RICE IN TJUANA. This is when it starts getting worse. I began to scratch my neck. Something was going really wrong . I had lunch with Deborah, Shu Mei and my mom who came in later on. Alright, my neck was really red but I kept quiet about it. Then, we let to IDP Education Centre for the Aussie Uni's Fair. There were many of them but we only dealed with those from Uni of Melbourne and RMIT Uni. Oh well, things started to become worse when I was in Deborah's car on the way home.

I reached home and yes once again I'm scratching and this time my whole body gets it and even my face. Later, my mom discovered that it was rashes. Allergy. Alright, I couldn't study a bit but I tried my best but I was still stucked in the same chapter of CRM. Alright then. I had a good night sleep but on Saturday morning, I was scratching all over again. My mom began to give me tons of medicine as she is a health counsellor. She'll never allow me to see a doctors. SHE HATES DOCTORS.

Well, Sturday was still horrible for me and still once again I can't study again cos my whole body is frustrating me. My face is much much better than before but only pink in the cheeks. Can this get any worser or better? Anyway, it was a horrible day for me although it was relaxing. But then today, A SUNDAY. I was a little itchy at first but after awhile .... I GOT BETTER. Yay. Hip hip hooray for me. Thanks for all who prayed for me, of course to only those I told about. :) Yipee.

And now, I can study but did you know that CRM was so hard to understand ? Seriously, I need a break from all these. But, I need to study it all. It's only 2 chapters after all. It's not so bad. I THINK .....

Well, good luck to all those who are having exams. :)

You're in my prayers

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

I am seriously tired. You should look at my tired face now. It looks terrible. It looks as if I don't have any strength left in me. Anyway, let's get updated to what I have been doing yesterday and today.

Yesterday , I drove to college. It was an alright drive. I had fun and yeah I reached college 10 minutes after 8am. I had Sociology. Miss Malar was really nice and I'm amazed at the funny jokes she can make and the explanations she made for me and my classmates hehe. She's really nice. Well, had an hour's break. I had a delicious nasi lemak for lunch but the sambal was too hot for me and my cheeks were already turning pink. Seriously, I didn't feel like eating em' anymore. Gee.

Alright, Desktop Publishing was a mess for me. I had difficulty doing the practical that Miss Cheah had required us to do for the first hour. But, I had help from Liu Fang and a little help from Miss Cheah at the end. After that, I did my IDTP assignment. It's done and I'm so happy. This is so exciting. I do not have to worry about anymore computer assignments but I'm sure there are more to come. Oh no hehe. Well, the last class of the day, CRM !!!! We only discussed about tips ofr exams and Dr Irene discussed the questionairres for our research proposal with me as well as Deborah. We'll have to twist the questions around here and there I suppose.

Anyway, after that, I went to I Cafe. I had Shepherd's Pie. I LOVE COLESLAWS hehe. I had fun eating em all hahahaha. I even taught Deborah how to write a song and I wrote on the paper that the song was written by Jaslyn & Deborah, produced by Deborah and music by Deborah and of course vocals by Jaslyn & Deborah hahah. Perfect duet. I'll post it tomorrow.

However, I met Liu Fang to get my notes. And yes, Chapter 3 sociology notes are hard to understand. Gee man. I saw David Gary at TJUANA hehe but he did not say hi when I said hi. Saw Brenda and PS RYAN AS WELL LOL. Orange gang just like Deborah. Why oh why haha. Ca use they're gonna give CampusCity notebooks around to bless more people around hehe.

I saw Alex with Ashley at MAC. They were photostating something and poor Deborah. Her lollypop haha. Poor thing, it's broken into half. SMEARY lol . Okay, enough of that lollypop. When I think of it, I want one cause I love candies haha. Well, I stopped eating em' hahah. Anyway, I went to The HUB at aya. Kelvin started the prayer going on and later on PS Ryan took over and we are all seperated into groups. At first I'm suppose to be in a group with 2 girls which is Deborah and one of my other new friends ( Forgot her name, SORRY ) . But then PS Ryan say must at least have a guy in the groups. So, Kenneth joined in. And Lucas later on. Kenneth was an old friend of mine from my old school. TBS man hehe. I actually didn't know he was my cousin's tuiton mate when he was in standard 1. It's amazing . It's a SMALL SMALL WORLD. I definitely talked a lot to him when we were delivering the books out. When I talked to him seriously, I think about all my old school friends as he was one of my old school friends as well. I was telling Deborah today how much I missed all my old friends. Wonder where all of them went to. So far heard 2 in Prime College, 1 training in a hotel, 1 training to be a secretary and 1 training to be a stewardess. Nothing else gee.

Anyway, worship practice was great. I had fun. It was my first time and Kelvin really welcomed me . Nice guy tho. And his spiked hair is all great again hehe. However, I didn't know that the practice was gonna last that long. Like 2 hours or so ? I was home late again and thank God my family weren't back yet . Or, they're gonna ask my if I started studying for my exams starting on the 1st of March 2004. Whoops. Although I was really tired, I force myself to go to cellgroup.

Alright, what happened today ? heheh. I drove to college once again and it was quite jam at the roundabout. I had a rough day in college. I printed out my IDTP assignment hehe. FINALLY IM DONE. And oh my goodness. I ahd an hour's break but didn't get to see the university of USA's fair. Gee. Had sociology quiz and guess how much I got ? 15 over 21. Higher than the previous one hehe. Alright, Miss Malar finished all the syllabuses we are required to finish for our exams. And boy was she fast hehe. Anyway, had J1. Given exercises but it'll only be passed up tomorrow I think or is it after the holiday. OH NO I FORGOT. It's ok, I'll do it tonight before I sleep. Anyway, Mr Azmyl was kind enough to give good tips for the mid term exam. Now I have a good idea on what to really study on hehe.

ICG, the last class of the day. Learned how to make that vegetable man. Hard tho but I made it through through my own thinkings and Liu Fang's a little helping at the end. THE EAR hehe. Anyway, after class, I had Root Bear Chocolate Float in I Cafe. Liu Fang had Shepherd's Pie and so did Deborah hehe. I went for practice at 2.30pm. Then, I went up to practice with the team. Well, I was the 4th last to reach there haha. What difference does it make anyway ? Any ? LOL .

Anyway, worship was done greatly today. THE REAL ONE OF COURSE hehe. But, I ran off after PS Ryan preached 10 minutes. Cos my transport was here. I studied my sociology while I ate some food . I still can't understand CHAPTER 3 : CULTURE. I'm really stuck. I really have to use the dictionary now for help argh. Anyway, see ya. Take care. Peace out

Love Jas
ps: Like I promised, the song " Peace " is posted. ;)
25-7-2003 , 11.20pm
In this big world,
What is there for us,
How can you be told,
In your eyes there’s only fear,
Here comes trouble,
Just praying my best.

Chorus : Peace is what’s best,
Don’t you care,
Everyone needs rest,
This just ain’t fair,
Oh what a mess,
Pulling each other’s hair,
Have a little peace.

This has gone too far,
Sadness is ahead of me,
Has this become a war,
What would the world become,
Have you realized your part,
Or is it just a dream,
Too hard to track,
Or is it just me.

Repeat Chorus.

What’s happening to us?
What’s happening to me?

Repeat Chorus Twice.
|eNd oF sOnG|
Meaning of song : A song to tell the world to stop war and start world peace so that everyone could live as united as can be.

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

One Long Day
It has been awhile since I last wrote my blog. I've been really busy with my assignments and stuffs. It's been tough but I got through it. Anyway, let's get up to what I'm gonna say today to all of you. Well, today vacation ends and I'm so back to college once again. ICG freaked me out. Miss Tessie began to teach us Adobe Photoshop CS. It was tough cause she taught too fast. Too fast is like too fast. It's like she treats college like university or something.

Anyway, I had lunch with Deborah and Shu Mei. It's been a long time since I last had lunch with Shu Mei. But, Shu Mei already had her meal with her other friends cause she was too hungry. We had a long chat at PIZZA HUT hehe. IT was good although it was only 1 hour. Anyway, CRM went well today. I studied my CRM & Sociology already but I'm still gonna through Sociology tomorrow again as I have a quiz tomorrow and it's the 2nd one oops hehe.

I had vocal classes at night and it was fun. I learned to sing the song by Coco Lee called " Before I Fall In Love " . Mr Willie said that my vocals are getting better. In fact, Kelvin called me when I was under the class haha. Therefore, I called him back after class and then he said tomorrow at 3 we are gonna set the facilities at Campus City and at 3.30 to give the CAMPUS CITY NOTEBOOKS and at 4 starts Worship practice. Well, that's it.

Anyway, I still have to go through more of my sociology notes. I promised to post the song "Peace" LYRICS which I wrote. But, I am just too lazy to type it out. Therefore, probably in the next post I will post it here in this blog.

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

2 Days Shot
Yesterday was Helene's wedding day. She looked so beautiful and sweet and she and Calvin looked like a perfect couple. Instead of saying I do, they both said " I WILL " . New way of saying hehe. It was cool to see her and my other friends from PBC as well. They all looked so grown up. I haven't been seeing them for like a year or more or less ? Either one hehe.

Anyway, I missed YA yesterday because my transport couldn't come . Therefore, I just did my homework and a little studying, although it was a little headache and I did take a short nap as well. Anyway, Helene's and Calvin's wedding dinner was great. I didn't know Caine & Jordan drank wine underage heheh. I know I drank it the first time at my 18th birthday in Australia with the presence of my parents, Rod May & Rod May's wife ( I forgot her name oops ) . Am I in trouble for that ? Hmmmm .

Anyway, today's church service was really long. And, Adelyn forgot to bring my METEOR GARDEN 1 Vcd. It's alright. I can wait. I had lunch with the youth in BUGGER KING. I was just in Burger King the whole of last week and once again I'm eating lunch in Burger King once again. I had nuggets and extra nuggets and fries and orange juice. I'm still full though.

Anyhow, I have already burned a few songs for Deborah and Liu Fang. Deb, if you're seeing this, wait patiently. Heheh. So anyway, before I leave, I have written a song called " Peace " and I'll post it in tomorrow's blog. :)

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Friday, February 20, 2004

What A Relief
Yesterday, it was quite a havoc for me. I missed my Journalism class, the only class I had on Friday. I went out to print my ICG assignment but one of my assignments could not be printed at J&J. I had to run back to college to check it out but everything did not turn out well. I went to Popular to search but they did not have any computers and when I went to the shop opposite Popular, nothing could be printed. Then, I went opposite Popular and finally, I had it printed but I got the 2nd backup assignment printed not the one that looks so scary you wish you were never borned.

Anyway, I drove Deborah and Liu Fang to the education fair at Mid Valley. First, we ate of course and I was quite tired but I had fun. I had Chicken Rice. I told myself a mililion times not to eat CHICKEN RICE due to the bird flu going around. But, I really love chicken rice and I can't help it. Hehe. Okay, we went to the education fair and there were not that many people there. I thought the universities were coming, but unfortunately it was only college. I'm looking for universities. But, I guess I came at the wrong place at the wrong time. But then, I went shopping with Deborah and Liu Fang. Deborah bought a bandanna. Looks good on her. It was fun though and Liu Fang bought the cheapesst 100 plus around which was only 98 cents. Interesting. I didn't know that supermarkets sold cheaper drinks till yesterday. How funny.

However, I drove Deborah and Liu Fang back. And oh my goodness me. Liu Fang's 3 dogs were so cute especially the white one. The white one looks like my dog . They are the same kind, what can I say ? Then, I sent Deborah home. Then I drove back to Sunway and I went straight to Shah Alam to my mom's office. I'm supposed to fetch Kor Kor Edward. When I went there, they were still working so I just watched carefully and really amazed at all the paper works. They are so many and it's amazing how they work and all hehe. Anyway, I was sent back home and I had a nap and then I went to Deborah's church. It was really jam . whoah, you wouldn't imagine it.

I knew a few people from Deborah's church. Let me name some. Joshua, Timothy, Samantha, Daniel , who knows my ex church friends haha , Hansel , Lydia , Lucas and a few more. I can't really remember all. They are so many. But then, the cell group was great. They talked about talents. That we should serve God and not fear and we should show our talents out to serve God. I play the piano and keyboard and write songs as well with the music and I guess this message showed me a lot that I should not hide my talents but show it out to the world and spread God's love. It is a good message for me and as well for everyone who attended DUMC CG. hehe. Moreover, I was asked to joined GET AWAY CAMP. But, my parents wouldn't allow me because my assignments are not done and I have exams.

Anyway, I went back to Deborah's house cause my mom was gonna fetch me from there. We talked and talked and talked and ROXY , her dog was so active hehe. I like her dog. He was so cute but he got tired of it and therefore he went to sleep hehe. I was quite tired as well. I went home around 12 something midnight. I was really tired. When I say tired, means I don't even have the strength to talk haha.

Till then.

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

It's been a few days since I last updated my blog. Usually, I'll update it every single day. Looks like I'm not able to do it at this present time. I could do it at the beginning of the semester but everything changed after I was given more homework and more vocals practice to be done. It's been hectic for me but I find it a good experience for me as well.

Anyway, I finally finished my Desktop Publishing assignment. What a relief. At a time when everything starts getting worse, you build up, and everything shines brightly up again. I even missed my youth cell group yesterday due to assignments. Finally, what's left is my CRM assignment & Sociology assignment. You know, these assignments reminds me so much of the movie " The School Of Rock " . If you watch it, you'll know what I mean. It's totally funny and even my mom was laughing hysterically about it. How funny. My mom ? Gee . hehe.

Anyway, did you see the Juniors in Taylors College ? They actually stare at people . There's one time I was with Deborah in Mc Donald's . These 3 girls ... juniors . Well, they were staring at me and Deborah. Then, Deborah stared at one of the girls and that particular girl just stared at Deborah just like that. It's totally weird. A little rude actually. Who agrees with me ? :0

That's all for today. Till next time.

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

All I can say is I'm tired and exhausted. One assignment done. Have 3 more to do. Well, what can I say ? That's part of college life. hehe. :) Anyway, Campus City was great although I left early. My transport came earlier than expected. Wonder why heheh.

Anyway, I have my vocal classes soon. I can't type much but just say ADIOS. :)

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Hey, how's it going? Today was so not my day. I drove to college and I was late for 10-15 minutes. Could you imagine it ? The traffic was ao bad and it was crazy. Madness I tell you. What's worse to come, at IDTP class, I was doing my work slowly and the lecturer wants it by this Monday. I wonder how am I ever gonna finish it since Lab 1 is the only lab we can use to do that particular work. Oh well, what can I ever say?

Anyway, after that class, I sort had this stupid stomach ache which went on and on for like 8 long hours. I guess it was cause I skipped breakfast this morning. I wonder why I skipped breakfast. I will never ever do it. At least, I'll eat something light next time, eventhough I do not have any mood to eat or anything. Alright, the stomach was giving me a pain.

I went home after class around 1 something. I was talking with Deborah to make myself stop my stomach pain which is totally impossible. We left for Campus City around 3.10 and reached there around 3.30. The worship was awesome. Pastor Sandra preached a great message called " TRUE LOVE WAITS " . It's true what she says. True love waits. After the message, my stomach ache was gone. I was totally relieved. God really does work in many different ways. He's the reason I'm alive. Alive forever more. :)

Anyway, I have to run to do my " Computer Graphics " assignment. At least, I now have a rough idea on what Miss Tessie acquires me to do this Poster Assignment. See you. Take care and god bless.

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Hey everyone. Finally, I have a new skin in my blog. What do you think of it? Anyway, today was quite a stress in college. I have more assignments coming in. It's really frustrating. Besides, my mid term examination for my Semester 3 is coming ahead and I haven't even touched a book to revise !!!!!

This is crazy. Anyway, I discussed with Deborah about our ICG and CRM assignment. In fact, we have lots more to ask our lecturers and lots more to do. It's like we're pack this whole week, eventhough on Valentine's Day !!! :(

Valentine's Day is gonna make us feel eww !!! Seeing those couples together makes us in torture. It's like really scary cause we love to be single and we feel the unnecessary pressure. It's totally hard to imagine hahahaha. Anyway, I'm sure we'll enjoy by ourselves in a funny way.

However, did I tell you I bought LOTR 2 & 3, Peter Pan, & Freaky Friday. Interesting though. I watched Peter Pan & Freaky Friday yesterday . And, I only had corn for dinner yesterday cause I went for my singing classes before I bought dinner for myself and I really didn't feel like eating CHICKEN cause of the stupid BIRD FLU going around this world. It's DANGEROUS . BEWARE hahaha. I probably feel lighter today since I had a plain dinner yesterday which was only a cup of corn which I bought at the night market, which we , Malaysians call it " PASAR MALAM " . heheh. Lame, I know it's lame hahaha. Pastor Nirhal would probably call this lame hahaha. Or no ? hahaha. Why am I laughing so much ? No wonder I'm referred as the Happy Go Lucky One by all my family and friends hehe.

Anyway, I'm tired right now. Blame it all on the ASSIGNMENTS and long day in college. Take care. See you again and tata for now.

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I really think that my "Computer Graphics" lecturer is going too fast. I mean like way too fast. Sometimes, I just get confused on what she's trying to tell me. It's like I'm caught in the middle and it's like I'm stoned and I am speechless about it. Oh well.... what can I say?

There are still 4 assignments to be done, if I'm not mistaken. Yeah, it's four of them. I hope that I ahve enough time to study for my mid term exam once I get really serious into doing these four assignments. It's really starting to freak me out, seriously. I'm out of words at the moment in the case of assignments.

I don't have much to write today. Gotta run. Stay happy as always.

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Back To College
Once again, back to college, after a long weekend. I woke up early this morning around 7.50 am although my classes started at 9am. However, I was 5 minutes late for college. I felt really tired but I still went on and on till all my classes ended around 3.

I received my letter from Miss Bawani at the Mass Comm Office to apply my visa to go the United States Of America during my semester break. I'm glad that I received the letter. Moreover, I received my new line today, MAXIS line. But, I will still be using my DIGI line. But, I'll still be using my Nokia handphone and not my Samsung phone yet. At least not yet.

However, what do you think of the background music? Anyway, I have to leave now to do my homework. More homeworks to be done. Scary actually. Take care and god bless all of you. Stay happy as always and ever. Appreciate your loved ones while you can, no matter how good or bad they treat you. :)

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Hey everyone,
Today was a tiring day. I woke up really early to go to church. But, I end up reaching church 30 minutes later than the starting of the church service. I had this small argument with my mom but when I entered the car with Kor Kor Edward and Pearl, I calmed down and we were okay like cool.

Anyway, I met up with my church best friend, Adelyn. I missed her tons. And she couldn't stop eating the biscuits my mom brought to the 3rd floor for the whole church heheh. Went for lunch near GIANT. BAH KU TEH lol . Haven't been eating it for a very long time. Since I went back to Malacca in May last year ehehe ;)

However, Kor Kor Edward fixed my new modem. It's better but I don't know hehe. I just know that I'm really tired and having a big headache now. I'm really tired of reading my sociology notes. At least I had Rekha, Stephanie & Deborah sometimes.

Anyway, see ya.

Love Jas

A Day Of Doing Silly Things With My Best Friends Is All I Need.

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